Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wealth Management in India include Family health insurance plans

There are many kinds of wealth management firms in India. They are a lot of companies which provide wealth advisory services in India. They are of all kinds. Some provide a combination of services while others provide single services. The variety is simply incredulous and India has a healthy wealth management scene due to the amount of High Net worth Individuals in India. These rich people are the richest on the planet. So you can understand the quality of  Wealth Management in India .
As a wealth manager, I have seen a lot of growth and advancement in the wealth management sector in India. The amount of assets and the quantity of liquid and solid assets make it difficult to steer the course of the holdings. Due to the high volume, there is a lot of uncertainty towards the growth and reach the pinnacle. Another problem is the prediction of the performance of the suggested investment carrier.

Why Family health insurance plans?

As an employee of a wealth management firm, I have come to realize one thing. There are many wealth management firms in India which are of the highest pedigree. The professionals heading the institutions are experienced and well versed with the wealth management techniques. They devise brilliant strategies to handle the client’s cash flow. If there is any hurdle in the wealth management plan of the client. Believe me, after spending years in the industry, I understand it.
The difference between an employed person and a rich investor is as follows:
·         The ordinary people who have been employed for long, purchase normal plans. Indians purchase life insurances by the numbers. They have a mentality of securing their household and deliver it by purchasing family health Insurance plans.

·          Family Health insurance plans can be floated, so you get the benefit of the maximum if any one of your family falls sick. Suppose you have a collective policy of 20 Lakhs. If one of you falls sick, then he could get the maximum benefit. A different policy for every member will mean additional premium.

The rich are getting richer. Higher salaried persons and people who are working and running their own businesses side by side are increasing in number. These numbers have grown in the last few years. They will increase in the future also, and the wealth management companies attract all kinds of customers, so you can now put one and one together.