Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Join your one-stop shop for all your investment plans and insurance coverage

Investments have always been the key to one’s progress, personal or in business. Investment means great returns. Today you would be spoilt for a choice with the types of investment instruments available in the market. It’s quite natural you would want the maximum returns from your investment. Indian mutual funds market is brimming with options these days. Ranging from government launched ones to various financial companies and now the private sector is all full of opportunities catering to your unique need. Studies say people who have invested with the Best mutual fund in India chose mutual fund as they are professionally managed and quite diverse most of the time when compared to other forms of investments.
Consider the following advantages if you are short listing the Best mutual fund in India.
  • Diversified mutual funds – Go for the ones that involve variety of investments in a portfolio. Mutual funds are usually spread across industries and assets. You can be benefitted even without investing a huge amount in individual portfolio.
  • Professionally managed – Your mutual funds should be take care by skilled professionals. They conduct research, analyze performance, and are always on the lookout for prospects providing you the premium service from expert fund managers.
  • Is it liquid enough – Go for the ones where you can redeem your units at anytime of course with a fee for exit load.
  • How flexible are they – You would find investment plans that are flexible enough for withdrawal or reinvestment. That provides you ample flexibility.
If you are looking for family health insurance plans find out which insurance provides the maximum benefit. Most of it has coverage for diseases, injuries, surgery or any care needed by the individual or the family. The good ones are packed with features such as cash credited on daily basis, daily cash for accompanying an insured child, maternity expenses, health check-up to name a few. The best in the market
  • Provide cover for treatment of illnesses and accidents where the patient is hospitalized.
  • Cover critical illness where the illness is pre-defined.
  • Cover diagnostic procedures, ICU cost, surgery and prosthetic costs.

Unlike few years ago, people today are fully aware about life insurance and it is one of the most important factors in financial plans of many people like you.  To help you determine what type and how much of coverage is appropriate for you and your family you can refer to the Life insurance calculator. With certain basic information of your family such as resources, debt, expenses, current coverage and so on you could get an estimated amount needed as your life insurance coverage.
These days many people and most importantly youngsters at the beginning of their career have begun to think of pension plan as an important form of investment to secure their future. You could go for retirement plans that are usually tax exempted. Some plans have the employers make contributions toward a pool of funds set aside for the employee's future benefit. There is various type of plan and you could choose from defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans or predefined contributions according to your requirement.