Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weight Loss Surgery Financing - Providing A Desired Lifestyle

The most common problem that is hampering the lifestyles of most of the citizens of United States is obesity. Weight loss surgery has gained momentum in the past few years that helps the people to overcome this problem and lead a healthy life. Lapband surgery is considered as the fruit bearing weight loss surgery, in which the stomach is divided into two sections with the help of silicon tube. As the stomach is divided, you need less food to satisfy your hunger. In this way, you can maintain the weight of your body.
An Expensive Treatment Lapband surgery, being an expensive way of treatment, is not accessed by majority of people. There are a number of costs associated and thus, require to spend lots of money. It has been estimated that total cost of surgery is around $25,000. This cost includes various types of costs like:
  • Hospital Fees
  • Fees of Doctors and Surgeons
  • Fees related to Laboratories and various tests conducted
  • Other types of fees
Lapband Surgery Financing As the positive effects of this surgery have been proved time and again, there are number of finance and insurance companies that are lending the helping hand to patients aiming at weight loss surgery. The process of financing is tiring and time consuming, but once achieved successfully, it proves to be highly beneficial for people belonging to average sections of society. Also, for availing financing, one must be authorized by National Health Institute, which tests the requirement of this high-end surgery for the concerned person.
Adding Value To Insurance Approval Process As mentioned earlier, it is not at all simple to get privileged with Lapband Surgery financing, as it sometimes become hard to convince the insurance company about the need of this surgery. The steps that are required to be followed for availing insurance plan include:
  • Getting the referral certificate from your physician.
  • Keep record of the visits paid by you to different specialists.
  • Maintain a proper record of various receipts and medicines consumed by you till date.
  • Most importantly, you must read carefully, the terms and conditions mentioned in the company brochure to understand the available insurance cover.
After you have applied for the Lapband Surgery financing with a company, the insurance agent will verify the information provided by you from the hospital authorities and authorize you for availing the insurance plan. Your application is checked against following information:
  • The level of obesity possessed by you
  • Other types of disorders possessed by the patient
  • Addiction to alcohol and other types of drugs
In case, the insurance company has rejected the application, you are granted the full right to question the basis of this rejection in the appeal process. You may also consult a lawyer before filing the application for Lapband Surgery financing. There is a limit put on the number of times you can avail the insurance cover for undergoing this weight loss surgery.