Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Should home schooled children be able to play public school sports?

I have an op-ed for the NY Times on whether home schooled students should be able to play public school sports. Virginia is considering such a law, and 13 states -- including Florida, where home schooled Tim Tebow grew up and played high school sports -- have enacted such laws, but most states say no. I say yes.  Here's an excerpt:
Critics of home-schooled children playing public school sports also worry about public school students losing roster spots on teams to home-schooled children who are better athletes. I find this criticism to be unpersuasive. From at least the high school level on, coaches try to assemble the best teams, which normally means finding the best players, regardless of their backgrounds. Provided the available athletes meet the requisite academic criteria, coaches should be able to pick the best of the bunch.
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