Monday, November 21, 2011

New Sports Law Scholarship

Recently published sports law scholarship includes:
Jessica L. Adair, In a league of their own: the case for intersex athletes, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 121 (2011)

Adam Epstein & Bridget Niland, Exploring Ethical Issues and Examples by Using Sport, 13 ATLANTIC LAW JOURNAL 13 (2011)

James R. Andrews, Why are there so many injuries to our young athletes? Professionalization and specialization in youth sport, 40 UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE LAW REVIEW 575 (2011)

Ross Appel, Note, Head east, young man (and comparatively older men who are likely to languish in the minor leagues), 12 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 109 (2010)

Andrew D. Appleby, For the love of the game: the justification for tax exemption in intercollegiate athletics, 44 JOHN MARSHALL LAW REVIEW 179 (2010)

Jessica Baranko, Hear me roar: should universities use live animals as mascots?, 21 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 599 (2011)

Jonathan Bateman, Book Note, Reviewing Billy Hawkins, The New Plantation: Black Athletes, College Sports, and Predominantly White NCAA Institutions, 21 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 793 (2011)

Eric Blevins, College football’s BCS (bowl cartel system?): an examination of the Bowl Championship Series agreement under the Sherman Act, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 153 (2011)

Victor Broccoli, Policing the digital wild West: NCAA recruiting regulations in the age of Facebook and Twitter, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 43 (2011)

Christine A. Burns, Comment, Potential game changers only have eligibility left to suit up for a different kind of court: former student-athletes bring class action antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA, 6 JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY LAW 391 (2011)

Loftus C. Carson, II & Michelle A. Rinehart, The big business of college game day, 12 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 1 (2010)

Marc Charmatz, Lindy L. Hedges-Wright & Matthew Alex Ward, Personal foul: lack of captioning in football stadiums 45 VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 967 (2011)

Josh Chetwynd, Clubhouse controversy: a study of dispute resolution processes between teammates in Major League baseball, 16 HARVARD NEGOTIATION LAW REVIEW 31 (2011)

Christopher B. Chuff, Comment, “Rolling the dice” on financial regulatory reform: gambling law as a framework for regulating structured investments, 18 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 569 (2011)

Jeremy Corapi, Note, Huddle up: using mediation to help settle the National Football League labor dispute, 21 FORDHAM INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 789 (2011)

Joshua B. Couvillion, Note, Defending for its life: ChampionsWorld LLC v. United States Soccer Federation denies extending antitrust immunity to USSF in regulating professional soccer, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 325 (2011)

Caitlin M. Cullitan, Note, “I’m his coach, not his father.” A Title IX analysis of sexual harassment in college sports, 12 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 53 (2010)

Elizabeth Hart Dahill, Note, Hosting the Games for all and by all: the right to adequate housing in Olympic host cities, 36 BROOKLYN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 1111 (2011)

Darren Heitner & Jason Wolf, In Baseball's Best Interest?: A Discussion of the October 2010 MLBPA Regulations Governing Player Agents, 10 VIRGINIA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 249 (2011)

Marc Edelman & Joseph A. Wacker, Collectively bargained age/education requirements: a source of antitrust risk for sports club-owners or labor risk for players unions?, 115 PENN STATE LAW REVIEW 341 (2010)

Marc Edelman, Does the NBA still have “market power?” Exploring the antitrust implications of an increasingly global market for men’s basketball player labor, 41 RUTGERS LAW JOURNAL 549 (2010)

Brad Ehrlichman, In this corner: an analysis of federal boxing legislation, 34 COLUMBIA JOURNAL OF LAW & ARTS 421 (2011)

Mitchell L. Engler, The untaxed king of South Beach: LeBron James and the NBA salary cap, 48 SAN DIEGO LAW REVIEW 601 (2011)

Natasha C. Farmer, Note, Jockey advertising regulations in horseracing, 3 KENTUCKY JOURNAL OF EQUINE, AGRICULTURAL & NATURAL RESOURCES LAW 103 (2010-2011)

Meir Feder, Is there life after death for sports league immunity? American Needle and beyond, 18 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 407 (2011)

Lauren Ferrante, Note, Two for one: how the NCAA rules do not adequately address package deals and a proposed rule to prohibit them, 12 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 77 (2010)

David Franklin, Note, League parity: bringing back unlicensed competition in the sports fan apparel market, 86 CHICAGO-KENT LAW REVIEW 987 (2011)

Laurie C. Frey, How the smallest market in professional sports had the easiest financial journey: the renovation of Lambeau Field, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 259 (2011)

Kristina M. GerardiTackles that rattle the brain, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 181 (2011)

Ariana E. Gillies, Comment, Not with a bang, but a whimper: Congress’s proposal to overturn the Supreme Court’s Leegin decision with the Discount Pricing Consumer Protection Act of 2009, 18 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 645 (2011)

Nathaniel Grow, Louisville v. Duke and its implications for breached college football scheduling agreements, 37 JOURNAL OF COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY LAW 239 (2011)

Jennifer Gustafson, Comment, Bronze, silver, or gold: does the International Olympic Committee deserve a medal for combating human trafficking in connection with the Olympic Games?, 41 CALIFORNIA WESTERN INTERNTAIONAL LAW JOURNAL 433 (2011)

Diane Heckman, The entrenchment of the glass sneaker ceiling: excavating forty-five years of sex discrimination involving educational athletic employment based on Title VII, Title IX and the Equal Pay Act, 18 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 429 (2011)

Dennis P. Hughes, Jr., Book Note, Reviewing Bill Madden, Steinbrenner: The Last Lion of Baseball, 21 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 801 (2011)

Michelle R. Hull, Note, Sports leagues’ new social media policies: enforcement under copyright law and state law, 34 COLUMBIA JOURNAL OF LAW & ARTS 457 (2011)

Bryan T. Ikegami, Note, From dumpster to dicta: how the BALCO investigation created incurable violations of players' rights and how to prevent them,34 COLUMBIA JOURNAL OF LAW & ARTS 491 (2011)

Mohit Khare, Note, Foul ball! The need to alter current liability standards for spectator injuries at sporting events, 12 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 91 (2010)

Robb Kuczynski, Book Note, Reviewing Charles H. Martin, Benching Jim Crow: The Rise and Fall of the Color Line in Southern College Sports, 1890-1980, 21 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 787 (2011)

Adam Harris Kurland, The prosecution of Michael Vick: of dogfighting, depravity, dual sovereignty, and “A Clockwork Orange,” 21 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 465 (2011)

Christina Lembo, Comment, FIFA transfer regulations and UEFA player eligibility rules: major changes in European football and the negative effect on minors, 25 EMORY INTERNATIONAL LAW REVIEW 539 (2011)

Sheri Lipman, The story of the disappearing season: should strict liability be used in the NCAA infractions process?, 41 UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS LAW REVIEW 847 (2011)

James T. & Lisa P. Masteralexis, If you’re hurt, where is home? Recently drafted minor league baseball players are compelled to bring workers’ compensation action in team’s home state or in jurisdiction more favorable to employers, 21 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 575 (2011)

Robert A. & Amy Christian McCormick, Major college sports: a modern apartheid, 12 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 13 (2010)

James T. McKeown, The economics of competitive balance: sports antitrust claims after American Needle, 21 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 517 (2011)

Richard H. McLaren, Is sport losing its integrity?, 21 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 551 (2011)

Mary Catherine Moore, Note, There is no “I” in NCAA: why college sports video games do not violate college athletes’ rights of publicity such to entitle them to compensation for use of their likenesses, 18 JOURNAL OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW 269 (2010)

William E. Nesnidal, The fan can phenomenon: the scope of universities’ color schemes as trademarks in light of Budweiser’s team pride campaign, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 283 (2011)

John V. O’Grady, Casenote, The end of indecency? The Second Circuit invalidates the FCC’s indecency policy in Fox Television Stations, Inc. v. FCC, 18 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 527 (2011)

Elizabeth Odian, Preventing Sonicsgate: the ongoing problem of
franchise relocation

David A. Palanzo, Comment, Safety squeeze: banning non-wood bats is not the answer to amateur baseball’s bat problem, 51 JURIMETRICS JOURNAL 319 (2011)

R. Alexander Payne, Note, Rebuilding the prevent defense: why unethical agents continue to score and what can be done to change the game, 13 VANDERBILT JOURNAL OF ENTERTAINMENT & TECHNOLOGY LAW 657 (2011)

David Pepper, Comment, Anand v. Kapoor, 55 NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL LAW REVIEW 1191-1211 (2010/11)

Christopher Powell, Comment, Premises liability in California: chilling the diffusion of bicycle motocross, 47 CALIFORNIA WESTERN LAW REVIEW 329 (2011)

Timothy Poydenis, The unfair treatment of Dominican-born baseball players: how Major League Baseball abuses the current system and why it should implement a worldwide draft in 2012, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 305 (2011)

Erica N. Reib, Comment, Ante up or fold: what should be done about gambling in college sports?, 21 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 621 (2011)

Ryan M. Rodenberg & Andrea N. Eagleman, Uneven bars: age rules, antitrust, and amateurism in women’s gymnastics, 40 UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE LAW REVIEW 587 (2011)

Chris Sagers, Why Copperweld was actually kind of dumb: sound, fury and the once and still missing antitrust theory of the firm, 18 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 377 (2011)

Michael C. Shull, Comment, Biting the hand that feeds: how trademark protection might threaten school spirit, 21 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 641-665 (2011)

Rachel D. Solomon, Note, Cuban baseball players, the unlucky ones: United States-Cuban professional baseball relations should be an integral part of the United States-Cuba relationship, 10 JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND LAW 153 (2011)

Patrick Sterk, To pray or to play: religious discrimination in the scheduling of interscholastic athletic events, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 235 (2011)

Alexander F. Tilton, Note, Mayer v. Belichick: “spygate” scandal is not the court’s concern, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 341 (2011)

Brian Welch, Comment, Unconscionable amateurism: how the NCAA violates antitrust by forcing athletes to sign away their image rights, 44 JOHN MARSHALL LAW REVIEW 533 (2011)

Kevin W. Wells, Labor relations in the National Football League: a historical and legal perspective, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 93 (2011)

Gregory J. Werden, American Needle and the application of the Sherman Act to professional sports leagues, 18 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 395 (2011)

Matthew A. Westover, Comment, The breaking point: examining the potential liability of maple baseball bat manufacturers for injuries caused by broken maple baseball bats, 115 PENN STATE LAW REVIEW 517 (2010)

Ulysses S. Wilson, Comment. The standard of care between coparticipants in mixed martial arts: why recklessness should ‘submit’ to the ordinary negligence standard, 20 WIDENER LAW JOURNAL 375 (2011)

Roberta Furst Wolf, Note. Conflicting anti-doping laws in professional sports: collective bargaining agreements v. state law, 34 SEATTLE UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 1605 (2011)

Daniel J. Zajda, A true home field advantage: a striking coincidence in the criminal prosecutions of professional athletes for in-game violence, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 1 (2011)

Michael K. Zitelli, The controversy ensues: how Major League Baseball’s use of DNA testing is a matter for concern under the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act, 18 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 21 (2011)