Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catching up with Links (Belated)

First off, our apologies for the lack of posts.  With the 4th of July, vacations, moves, summer weather (and not being on-line as much) and other life events, things have been really slow around here of late.  We'll resume regular posting soon, with original content as opposed to merely linking to stuff, as I'm about to do.

Here are some links from the last week or so:

* Paul Doyle's advice for Roger Clemens?  Don't talk.

* Geoffrey Rapp talks to CBS Sportsline about the NFL lockout.

* Rick Karcher talks to the Columbus Dispatch about the Ohio State mess.

* Ohio State law professor Douglas Berman, on Sentencing Law and Policy, comments on possible sentencing of Clemens and my prediction of 15 to 21 months if convicted on all counts.

* As always, two of the best sports law blogs around are Connecticut Sports Law Blog and Sports Agent Blog.  Be sure to check them out.  Tons of good stuff.

* My SI column on the Eighth Circuit's decision in favor of the NFL.  Not good news for NFL players, though it seems like they will reach a deal in the next few weeks.

* My SI column on Dr. Anthony Galea's guilty plea and what it could mean for his former clients/patients, who include Tiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez.  Be sure to also see my SI colleague Will Carroll's column on implications for A-Rod.

* My SI column explaining the NFL retired players' lawsuit against both the NFL and NFLPA.  Shouldn't retired players have a seat at the bargaining table?

* My SI preview of the Roger Clemens trial.  David Epstein and I also co-author several articles for SI on the trial -- "Strategies change in Clemens trial" and "Arguments over audio tapes"

* I've joined NBA TV as an On-Air Legal Analyst.  I was in Atlanta last week to talk with Kenny Smith and Antonio Davis about lockout in studio.  Here is a link to one of the clips.

* For SI I compare the NBA and NFL lockouts.  Here's the video: