Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Midweek Sports Law Links

* Great interview by Talkadelphia with Temple law professor Jeremi Duru on his excellent new book: Advancing the Ball: Race, Reformation, and the Quest for Equal Coaching Opportunity in the NFL (with forward by Tony Dungy).

* Possible misstep by Major League Baseball in its taking over of the Dodgers from Frank and Jamie McCourt (the two are embroiled in a nasty divorce): According to attorneys for Frank McCourt, one of the persons assigned to run the Dodgers did not disclose that he used to work for Jamie McCourt until after reviewing confidential financial information about the team.  If that's true, expect this to emerge as a key issue should MLB try to sell the Dodgers without Frank McCourt's approval.

* The federal government, apparently not deterred by the disappointing result in the Barry Bonds trial (a conviction on just one count - obstruction of justice - which was the least important count), is stepping up its investigation of Lance Armstrong and his possible use and sale of illegal performance-enhancers.  As I explained in an SI column, Armstrong, if charged, could face a wide range of charges, including fraud and racketeering.  His case, in other words, would be structured differently than those against Bonds and Roger Clemens, both of whom have faced prosecutions for knowingly lying under oath.

* Sam Amick with a good update on the forthcoming NBA labor crisis - long-story short: the two sides are talking quite a bit, but they are nowhere near an agreement.

* Jon Wertheim and Tobias Moskowitz, authors of Scorecasting, have a timely feature on on NBA referees missing many calls.  Please also check out Ryan Rodenberg's related study.

* Central Michigan University professor Adam Epstein has posted his new article, An Exploration of Interesting Clauses in Sports, on SSRN.

* Brian Baxter of American Lawyer has a great sports law column called The Score.  Check it out - tons of great info and insight.

* Sports attorney Jim Juliano has a good sports law newsletter called Legally Speaking.

* Mostly not sports law, but if you're a member or prospective member of the Massachusetts Bar, I strongly recommend reading Mass Lawyers Weekly, The Docket blog.  Really good stuff there.