Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jered Weaver and the Angels

Jered Weaver and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim conducted their arbitration hearing yesterday before the arbitration panel of Margaret Brogan, Robert Herzog, and James Oldham. Weaver requested $8,800,000, and the Angels offered $7,375,000. Although Weaver only won one more game than he lost last year, he did lead the Major Leagues in strikeouts with 233. He also posted a strong 3.01 ERA. Because I have not had time to really considered his comparables, I will have to add that in the comments later. Margaret Brogan is 4-4 as a panel member, and James Oldham is 1-1. Herzog is also 1-1 after his panel gave the nod to Ross Ohlendorf. Weaver made $4,625,000. I am going to lean towards the Angels here, but as I mentioned above I have not yet looked carefully at the case.