Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Sports Law Scholarship

Recently published scholarship includes:
Zachary Blumenthal, Note, The punishment of all athletes: the need for a new world anti-doping code in sports, 9 JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS & LAW 201 (2010)

Walter T. Champion, Jr., The Second Circuit takes a second look at the non-statutory labor exemption in professional sports: a review of Wood v. National Basketball Association, Caldwell v. American Basketball Association, National Basketball Association v. Williams, and Clarett v. National Football League, 27 HOFSTRA LABOR & EMPLOYMENT LAW JOURNAL 83 (2009)

Edmund Donnelly, Comment, What happens when student-athletes are the ones who blow the whistle?: how Lowrey v. Euverard exposes a deficiency in the First Amendment rights of student athletes, 43 NEW ENGLAND LAW REVIEW 943 (2009)

Andrew L.T. Green, Note, Spreading the blame: examining the relationship between DSHEA and the baseball steroid scandal, 90 BOSTON UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 399 (2010)

W. Chapman Hopkins, Procedural due process implications of Kentucky’s thoroughbred medication regulations, 2 KENTUCKY JOURNAL OF EQUINE, AGRICULTURE, & NATURAL RESOURCES LAW 27 (2009-2010)

Daniel J. Kain, Note, “It’s just a concussion:” the National Football League’s denial of a casual link between multiple concussions and later-life cognitive decline, 40 RUTGERS LAW JOURNAL 697 (2009)

Matthew T. Lockhart, Comment, Oliver v. NCAA: throwing a contractual curveball at the NCCA’s “veil of amateurism,” 35 UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON LAW REVIEW 175 (2010)

Michael A. McCann, Justice Sonia Sotomayor and the relationship between leagues and players: insights and implications, 42 CONNECTICUT LAW REVIEW 901 (2010)

Peter R. Morrison, Shutting down the offense: why the Supreme Court should designate the NFL a single entity for antitrust purposes, 3 JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURSHIP & LAW 97 (2009)

John J. McDermott, Note, Direct v. indirect discrimination in European football: the legal differences between UEFA’s homegrown player rule and FIFA’s “6+5” proposal, 11 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT AND SPORTS LAW 267 (2010)

Danielle Moore, Note, The times they are a changing: secondary ticket market moves from taboo to mainstream, 11 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT AND SPORTS LAW 295 (2010)

Matthew J. Parlow, Professional sports league commissioners’ authority and collective bargaining, 11 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT AND SPORTS LAW 179 (2010)

Josephine (Jo) R. Potuto, The NCAA rules adoption, interpretation, enforcement, and infractions processes: the laws that regulate them and the nature of court review, 12 VANDERBILT JOURNAL OF ENTERTAINMENT & TECHNOLOGY LAW 257 (2010)

Miguel A. Ramos, Comment, Game, set, match-fixing: will international anti-doping initiatives pave the way for similar reform for corrupt betting in tennis?, 32 HOUSTON JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 201 (2009)

Holly Rudolph, Horse sense and high competition: procedural concerns in equestrian doping arbitration, 2 KENTUCKY JOURNAL OF EQUINE, AGRICULTURE, & NATURAL RESOURCES LAW 47 (2009-2010)

Alexander M. Sanders, Jr. and Katie Fowler Monoc, William S. Stevens (1948-2008) and “The Common Law Origins of the Infield Fly Rule,” 4 CHARLESTON LAW REVIEW 423 (2010)

Wayne Schiess, Advice for drafting a new NFL collective bargaining agreement, 11 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT AND SPORTS LAW 205 (2010)

Steven Semeraro, Is the National Football League a “single entity” incapable of conspiring under the Sherman Act?: the Supreme Court will decide, 32 THOMAS JEFFERSON LAW REVIEW 1 (2009)

Steve Silverberg, Note, Safe at home? Assessing U.S. efforts to protect youths from the effects of performance-enhancing drugs in sports, 35 BROOKLYN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 271 (2010)

Jonathan Singer, Comment, Keep it clean: how public universities may constitutionally enforce policies limiting student speech at college basketball games, 39 UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE LAW REVIEW 299 (2010)

Jordan T. Smith, Note, Fighting for regulation: mixed martial arts legislation in the United States, 58 DRAKE LAW REVIEW 617 (2010)

Andrea Marco Steingruber, Sports arbitration: how the structure and other features of competitive sports affect consent as it relates to waiving judicial control, 20 AMERICAN REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION 59 (2009)

Glenn M. Wong & Chris Deubert, The Legal & Business Aspects of Disability Insurance Policies in Professional and College Sports, 18 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 101 (2010)

Sara Young, Comment, PIAC (pee in a cup)--the new standardized test for student-athletes, 2010 BYU EDUCATION & LAW JOURNAL 163