Wednesday, June 2, 2010

American Needle v. NFL: The Broader Aftermath

With more than a week having passed since the Supreme Court's ruling in American Needle v. Nat'l Football League, discussion about the case has begun to shift from what the ruling means for American Needle Inc. to what it means for other sports-related businesses.

Here are four sources that begin to address that issue:
  • First, in an editorial published in this week's Sports Business Journal, I discuss the impact of the American Needle ruling on labor relations, ticket pricing, and the way that investors will likely structure new professional sports leagues (here).
  • Second, in an interview with Ripten Magazine, I discuss the impact of the American Needle ruling on the football video game market and the NFL's exclusive licensing deal with EA Sports (here).
  • Third, in traditional law review format, University of Iowa's esteemed Ben V. and Dorothy Willie Professor of Law Herbert J. Hovenkamp discusses the impact of American Needle on the credit card, hospital, and real estate industries (here).
  • Finally, over on the Legal Talk Network, attorneys and co-hosts J. Craig Williams and Bob Ambrogi interview both Michael McCann and me about the effects of the American Needle case, via podcast (here).
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